1 July 2011

It's Time to Wonder...

I have been out of the loop for a while, but for a good reason. Recently I have been working towards my first solo exhibition, Time to Wonder, at the wonderful Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh.
Time to Wonder shows a series of original screen prints, a window display as well as a hand-printed window-installation.
With my artwork I wanted to depict moments where the borders between dream and reality become fuzzy. Each piece plays with repetitive imagery of trees,leaves or birds and captures a collection of characters, flying and floating in a dream like state.
The exhibition opened last night and will be running until the 28th of July. If you are in Edinburgh over the next month, please pop by. More photos will follow soon!
I also want to post a big thank you
to a number of people for all their help and support:
To Rachel and the excellent team of the Red Door Gallery for organising this exhibition: Nicky, Kerstin, Kathryn and Jason. You are all stars! To all the staff members and fellow screen printers at Edinburgh Printmakers, where I was able to print my work with a lot of helpful support and with many relaxing tea-breaks in very good company! To Richard Strachan for his beautiful framing work, to Naomi Hare for making stacks of badges for me over night and to Towera Ridley for helping me with printing tote bags. Check out all their sites!