17 December 2013

Resurgence &Ecologist

I am pleased to share with you that the environmental and arts magazine Resurgence and Ecologist are featuring some of my work as illustrations for an article in their next issue. You can check out the whole issue under this link here.

12 December 2013

Christmas Cards

This year just flew by! Clearly I have not been updating this blog often enough, my apologies for that to regular visitors. Some more updates will follow soon! In the meantime, here some images of my latest Christmas cards and of other recent work.

New Screen Prints

Here some photos of my latest screen prints, which are available in my etsy shop.

Owl Lover Calendar 2014

Here my contribution to this year's Owl Lover Calendar for the My Owl Barn Blog! You can find many more owls and download a calendar for 2014 here.

18 February 2013

Illustrators ar TEN

Here the flyer for an exhibition I will be part of at the magnificent Gallery Ten in Edinburgh.
The exhibition will present works by illustrators who incorporate printmaking into their art and will include prints by artists such as Robbie Porter ( who designed this flyer), Alice Melvin and Catherine Rayner.