14 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Some hand-printed Christmascards for friends and family, printed on the studio desk.

10 December 2014

St Margaret's House Cinema Nights Screen Printed Poster

Today I printed the poster for a cinema night I am currently organising with my friends from Vinella and Krupa, who also reside at St Margaret's House. The poster is a two-colour screen print and can now be seen around St Margaret's House.

25 November 2014


Here a new autumn themed print and some photos from the group exhibition My Mother's Flat at St Margaret's House, where some of my prints where shown. They will now move to a permanent exhibition at the Glasgow Southern General Hospital.

26 October 2014

Transplated Concert, Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Here some photos from last week's performance of Transplanted at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.
It was a really beautiful concert! You can see Sonia and Alice from Highheels and Horsehair performing, as well as some photos of some of the plants the music was inspired by and the poster I had illustrated for them in August. I even managed to wear a matching dress to my illustration!

30 September 2014

Story project

Here some samples from a project I have been working on with writer Zinnie Harris last year. The story is a about a girl who tries to inspire a group of other girls to see the beauty of all the different colours out there, not just pink.


 I have recently discovered how amazing it is to work with cyanotype, so here are some images from a personal project I have been working on, illustrating a small text a friend of mine has written. I have been using silk-screen on top of the cyanotype prints to add small elements of other colours.


Looking back to the group exhibition EH from April this year, some artists from our collective will soon be exhibiting their work at the international exhibition Le Immagini della Fantasia in Sarmede, Italy. This year's exhibition is dedicated to Scotland and as part of this collaboration I had the opportunity to illustrate one piece for a Scottish folk tale. I will be able to post more images soon!



In August I also worked with artists Hadi Mehrpouya and Chris Barker on an installation piece about therecent crisis in Palestine. I created a large drawing, illustrating Palestinian citizens and an olive tree, an important symbol in Palestinian culture. The drawing became part of a piece, which when interacted with printed out personal stories of the people living in Gaze, the Westbank and Jerusalem. The image above    shows one part of the drawing. You can view a short video of the installation piece here.                                                                                                                                  

29 September 2014


August was a very busy month! It started with the poster-design for Scottish string-duo Highheels and Horsehair and their current Transplanted tour. The music for this tour is inspired by the diversity of Scotland's plant life and music.

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

In July I created these illustrations for the new programme of the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. The artwork was for a variety of workshops for children and their families. The themes of all the different workshops were a lot of fun to illustrate!

15 June 2014


This weekend I attended a Cyanotype course at Edinburgh Printmakers. What a wonderful technique! Thanks to decent weather we were also able to expose some of our images in the Scottish sun, despite some clouds here and there this worked out rather well. Can't wait to do more!

11 May 2014

Open Studios St Margaret's House

We had Open Studios at St Margaret's House during the first weekend of May, where I showed my recent screen prints from the group exhibition EH? in my studio-space.

Who Wears the Trousers?

These illustrations are from a recent project I have been working on with a group of illustrators from Girls Who Draw for Capsule  and the Royal Shakespeare Company. We were asked to illustrate three characters each, which would then be used for these life-size installations, set up at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. The production is called Arden of Faversham by Polly Findlay and is part of the theatre's current Roaring Girls season. Visitors can "play" with these installations, which work similarly to the drawing game consequences, where intersections of different characters create a new character.