20 September 2010

It is time for an update from the summer!
As I mentioned before, I had been working towards the 3d2d arts and crafts fair in Edinburgh, which takes place in the Westend in Edinburgh.
And the week before the fair began, I was also teaching a week of summer school in illustration. It was a pretty busy and hectic time, but also very exciting
At the fair I was lucky to be part of a really amazing group of artists, as we all shared as a collective a newly created space and had to work as a team to make it work . Overall it was a great opportunity to see how people react towards your work and to make contacts to galleries. All my work for the stall was screen-printed, which was mainly greetings-cards, mini-prints, some larger prints, brooches, badges and tote bags. I shared my space with 2 other artists and we experimented with different set-ups over the course of the 3 weeks, which was a good learning- experience, too. It was pretty exhausting, but after all you just need a nice cuppa tea to keep you going and it was certainly worth the experience!