21 June 2009

An Idea is born in the Flight of Thoughts

During April and May 2009 I visited a relief-printing-class at the Edinburgh-Printmakers, learning wood-block-printing.

20 June 2009

How the Trees grow Leaves

I printed the following 3 images for an exhibition in Glastonbury about megalithic sites. The images were printed on my own little table-top-printing-press.

The Eternal Yew Tree

The Ancient Kings

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

Robert and the Devil

The Big Man Walking- Title Page

During May 2009 I illustrated a little comic-book for the Edinburgh theater-company "Puppet Lab".
This comic is part of their current project "Big Man Walking".

You can view more illustrations from the comic-book below this post

The Big Man Walking

The Big Man Walking

The Big Man Walking

I see the Moon again

The Stars are Shining

The Tree

The Year of the Leopard